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  • Pentax K-50 16MP Digital SLR Camera Kit with DA L 18-55mm WR f3.5-5.6 Lens (Black)

    List Price: $449.95
    Price: $378.00
    You Save: $71.95 (16%)

    - Innovative In-band Shake Reduction (SR) Mechanism. The PENTAX in-body, sensor-along Shake and Dust Reduction technology ensures spruce, image stabilized, auto-leveled, and dust-exempted from imaging with any mounted lens.
    - 16 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. A intoxication performance 16 megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor strikes the unrivalled balance between resolution and image quality. DA-L 18-55WR lens included

    Ignore conformity, and get serious with the PENTAX K-50, a mid-level DSLR with fast, advanced functionality, all wrapped up in dauntless colors.... Customer Reviews:
    - The Possibility that Isn't
    A barely spectacular tool. I am a Pentaxian for sure, but I have used many other brands including the Big Two, and nothing comes end at this price point. You get a modern update of the highly acclaimed 16 MP Sony sensor in a fully live...
  • Pentax K-3II Pentax DSLR (Body Only)

    List Price: $1,099.95
    Price: $841.39
    You Save: $258.56 (24%)

    - 24 capable mega-pixels in an APS-C sized CMOS sensor with ISO compass of 100-51200
    - Pixel Make it Resolution by in body shake reduction function for razor nasty images with excellent detail and color reproduction

    Designed for the top exhibition of the K series, the K-3II provides an array of outstanding features, including tainted-resolution image... Customer Reviews:
    - OH Babe in arms A K-Triple II
    I purchased this camera about a week after it was released. I in days of old had a D5300(dropped it) and I was unsure if I should get a D7200 or The K-3II, both being in the same price relevancy. Ended up going for the K-3ii.No flash: I don't use...
  • Pentax K1000 Camera with 50mm (f/2.0) Lens


    K1000 PENTAX Pentax K1000 35mm SLR Flick Camera Body Customer Reviews:
    - Overcome 35mm for learning photography and capturing snap shots
    I reveived this after my grandfather's Minolta 35mm cloud camera broke on me while in the Navy. I got this camera with a 35 and 55 mm lenses in 1994 and young lady it. To this day it serves me well and while I take pictures more often with the...
  • Pentax K-3 SLR Camera - Body Only

    List Price: $1,299.95
    Price: $635.89
    You Save: $664.06 (51%)

    - 1080 60p/50p/30p/24p HD video (H.264)
    - Eye-Fi / FLU compatible

    Benchmarked as the most advanced bug DSLR available, featuring unparalleled technology and specifications, the PENTAX K-3 will set your photography... Customer Reviews:
    - More features, Less wherewithal, in a Rugged Body.
    If you are interested in this camera, I suppose you are either motivated to not buy Nikon or Canon, or at minimum you are not opposed to the opinion of being a little different. For the cost of explaining to you friends that Pentax does still...
  • Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled Weatherized SLR (Black/Orange)

    List Price: $799.95
    Price: $574.95
    You Save: $225.00 (28%)

    - 4K gap movie capture & 1080P h.264 HD video
    - Munificent High-Resolution 3 inch variable angle wigwag out LCD Monitor (921K Dots)

    Foment your inner artist with the PENTAX K-S2. Building on the legacy of great SLRs, Ricoh Imaging brings you our first DSLR with Wi-Fi... Customer Reviews:
    - How to use 35mm Vade-mecum Focus Lens on the K-S2
    One of the advantages of using Pentax DSLRs is that you can use lens that were at made for 35mm film SLRs. You can use lens made from 1975 to the present on the Pentax K-S2. There were 3 series of instructions focus lens: 1. K series with manual...

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